Why the Ten Commandments Should Be Reduced to Six and Probably Rewritten Posted By : Philip Yaffe

Proponents of posting the Ten Commandments in public countryside canned goods places claim they provide the moral foundation of western civilization; opponents say that posting them in public places is an intrusion of religion into secular life. Separation of church and state is probably more deeply woven in the constitutional fabric of the United States than in many other countries. To avoid further disputes, perhaps it would be useful to revise the Ten Commandments to meet both critiera.

Story of a Witch in Yorkshire. Posted By : Susan Kramper

I was not too long ago was elated to catch up with Great Witch Florina Ofelia Albu previously this month for a candid and plainspoken interview about her everyday living her life as a practicing witch or Wicca in Lady Wood, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. This is the first part of my two sector publication of the dialogue that I had with her. I shall be publishing Part Two soon.

A True Servant of God Posted By : Francis Hirak

To be a true servant of God is not always an easy ironart and designs task. We must first place God at the forefront of our priorities, then others, then ourselves. The word servant doesnt exactly evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling in us at first glance but once we realize the benefits of being a faithful servant of God, we see that the Bible is true in its statement that the last shall be first and the first shall be last.

Porneia Posted By : Phillip Ross

It is very interesting to simply define a word that Paul used Equava.com and understand it as he understood it. This kind of clarification speaks volumes about our own abandonment of God’s law in the Twenty-First Century. By simply defining a word, we come face to face with our own immorality.

How is been Muslim? Posted By : Dr. Ismail Ulukus

To be Muslim is very easy. To conduct any ceremony for this is iBable.com not required. But it is necessary firstly to believe a unique creator, Allah. And also, it is necessary to believe all His prophets (including Mohammed aleyhissalam) and their notifications. Everybody be Muslim believing in this way and declaring his belief with the words “Lailahe illallah, Mohammeden rasulullah” “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His prophet”. It is much wrong to divinize the prophets; Allah is only one God.

Against Originality Posted By : Phillip Ross

We are taught in our schools, colleges, universities and through the media that being human means being original, that we become most human when we are most original. Indeed, Humanism is the celebration of original thinkers as embodying the best that humanity has to offer. Artists will know what I’m talking about. But the Bible teaches that human beings were created in God’s image. We are not originals, but some sort of copies of the Original.

Understanding Islam Posted By : Dr. Ismail Ulukus

God has provided the wonderful benefactions to the human in his first four existence dimensions. He wants to complete His favors on the human in fifth dimension. But these favors’ realization at this phase has been made dependent on the own desire of person. For this, he must be subject to the will of his God. This submission is called, briefly, as Islam. Islam is the name of the divine education system notified by all the prophets. Islam is the eternal happiness way of the human.